Kampung KB as an Approach of Expanding Sustainable Access to Family Planning

Oleh :
Linda Yuliantini, Widad FD & Wiwin Winarni
Local Support Team Indonesia Competence

Officially launched in 2016, Kampung KB has been attracted to relevant development actors to contribute. Currently, most of Kampung KB is found at a very surficial status that identified a certain area with an attractive gate, outdoor FP related promotion, the establishment of community meeting hall as well as data house. in the meantime, people and family are considered as target audience who will come to community FP gathering when invited. Action needed to be done differently to inspire more people to come to participate as a preliminary stage to expanding access to Family Planning.

Program Intervention
Introduction of SALT ways of thinking and Community Life Competence Process (CLCP) to change people and the community’s way of thinking to 11 sub districts at Bandung City, West Java Province. SALT is a formulation of the strength-based mindset that articulated into six working steps on Kampung KB’s context.



The six step of CLCP covering:

  1. Stimulation of people concern on Kampung KB and their roles at Kampung KB
  2. Dream Building is the step where each individual share their dream and then communicate their dream in group to draw a shared dream.
  3. Self-assessment is done to retrieve common practice reflected on the shared dream. Those commonalities then becoming practices that need to be exist in the meantime community do action. Community need to self-assesses then obviously states in what status they are toward their dream.
  4. Development of SMART action plan to breakdown commonalities into action. In the context of Kampung KB, action plans are relating to materializing of six family function into series of doable action plan.
  5. Action, action, action. Community do action in a team following SMART friends formulated. Aim of the action is to improve self-assessment status in certain time frame.
  6. Measurement of changes. This step is very critical way as well as full of fun and enthusiasm. Community members, task forces, stakeholders and other relevant parties are sitting together to measure what achievement gained, data sophisticated and revised when needed. At the end of session, community identify competence they acquired in the context of FP access and participation.


  1. There 13 Kampung KB at 11 Subdistrict at Badung City deployed SALT ad CLCP at different stages. Task forces at 13 Kampung KB reflect their mindset changes by actively engaged on Kampung KB meeting, action plan, data sophisticated and identification of limitless resources they possess at the village level.
  2. Six Kampung KB has been producing SMART action plan and manages to have a regular reflection of their achievement.
  3. Meanwhile, the rest of 7 Kampungs are in the initial step of understanding the situation, strength and resources, involve more men and youths and took initiative to own the issue.

Program Implication/lessons.

  1. In spite of making sure that Kampung KB should be long-term accompanied, introducing SALT way of thinking should to be inducted to FP Coordinator as filed manager.
  2. Kampung KB funding structure needs to be revised to ensure task forces have more access to be sustainable and empowered.
  3. Inviting more non-government player to commencing independent review meetings among Kampung KB in in the form of learning sessions to embracing more participants to enable them understanding the issues that in turn will expanding access and participation of FP. Laerning sharing technique is proven create unthreatening atmopher where participant will focus on achievement in spite of problems and evaluation.